Item Specification Remarks
Number of Layer  1~14  
Material CEM-3,FR-4,HTg halogen free Free / 環保材料
Finish Board Thickness 0.2mm~3.20mm (8mil~126mil)  
Minimum Core Thickness 0.075mm (3mil)  
Copper Thickness 1/2 oz min. 4 oz max.  
Min. Trace Width & Line Spacing 0.075mm (3mil) Flash gold
Min.Hole Diameter CNC Drilling 0.25mm(10mil)  
Min.Hole Diameter Punching 0.9mm (35mil)  
Dimension Tolerance Hole Position +/-0.075mm(3mil) CNC Drilling  
Conductor Width(W) +/-0.05mm(2mil)or +/-20% of original artwork  
Hole Diameter(H)

PTH+/-0.075mm (3mil)Non-PTH+/-0.05mm(2mil)

Outline Tolerance +/-0.15mm (6mil)by CNC Routing  
+/-0.10mm (4mil)by punching  
Warp & Twist 0.7%  
Surface Treatment on Land Area Nickel / Gold Plating / OSP / Hot Air Leveling / Immersionsilver / ENIG / Immersion Tin  
Insulation Resistance 10K ohm ~ 20M ohm  
Conductivity 20-50 ohm  
Test Voltage 220-250V  
V-cutting Panel Size 110X100mm (min.) 660X600mm (max.)  
Board Thickness 0.5mm (20mil)min. ~3.2mm (125mil)max.  
Remain Thickness 0.3mm (12mil)min.  
Tolerance +/-0.1mm (4mil)  
Groove Width  0.50mm (20mil)max.  
Groove to Groove  10mm min.  
Groove to Trace 0.50mm (20mil)min.  
Slot Slot size tol. > = 2W公差 PTH L: +/-0.15mm (6mil) W:+/-0.1mm (4mil) Where:L=Slot length
W=Slot width Min.drill
NPTH L: +/-0.125mm (5mil) W:+/-0.1mm (4mil) bit size for multi-drill is 0.7mm
Minimum spacing between hole edge to circuitry pattern PTH Hole: 0.13mm (5mil)  
NPTH Hole: 0.18mm (7mil) speical control 0.15mm(6mil min)
Registration Tolerance Front image vs back image 0.075mm (3mil) special control 0.05mm(2mil min)
of Front/Back image
Multilayers Layer-layer misregistration 0.10mm (4mil)max.  
Min.spacing between hole edge to circuitry pattern of an inner layer 0.25mm (10mil)  
Min.spacing between board outline to circuitry pattern of an inner layer 0.38mm (15mil)  
 Board thickness tolerance board thickness <1.0mm,±0.1mm  
1.0≤board thickness <1.6mm,±0.1mm
board thickness ≥1.6mm,±(Thickness ×10%)
Impedance Control 60 ohm+/-10%